Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deeper then Usual!

So, I am being a bad girl and writing a new blog post BEFORE I get any of my studying/homework done.. it is finals week if that gives you an idea of just how bad I am being! I just think I need to get a few things off of my mind before I dive into what will be an entire afternoon, extending into the after hours, of schoolwork!

First of all, I am seriously missing my friends. Particularly two of them who live out of town, in different states (my sister is always at the top of the list!). When I say 'I am missing my friends', I am basically referring to the true friends that I have in my life that know and appreciate who I am more then most people I know..and unfortunately, they ALL live out of town, in different states. If you are reading this and get to see your bff on a weekly, even MONTHLY basis, I hope this gives you a deeper appreciation for that person in your life who you love and cherish and call your best friend! And it really stinks like skunk that I cant see them very often at all. But, I know God has a purpose for the distance.. such as making us grow closer and making me depend more on Him then on my friends. I just hate this process. I wish I could call them up and say I am coming over just for the heck of it. When things get heavy at home I wish they were here to lean on and confide in. But, once again, all of this goes back to trusting and leaning on God the way I want to with my friends. Even my sister lives far away.. further away then anyone! If only I had the money to see them more...thank goodness for holidays! Seriously. We got to catch up last week and I was able to spend quality time with most of the people that I miss alot. It was full of baby talk with one friend who is a new mommy as well.. and full of christmas cupcakes, shopping and a little more baby talk with a friend who is trying to conceive. One of them will make it back for christmas, THANK GOODNESS! On top of all that my sister and her fiance was here for about 3 1/2 days and we laughed and giggled like old times and I didn't realize how bad I needed to do that! Seeing my friends is like a fresh of breath air.. and then some!

Another thing on mind my lately (besides how much schoolwork I have ahead of me!) is my future career. My plan is to graduate with an Art Education degree and teach art somewhere. But, the more I think about it, the more I fall in love with the idea of going back to school after a few years of teaching to get my masters degree in Business. I would absolutely love to own my own business. I dream of owning a little boutique store full of artwork and crafts that I make! And I see myself driving to Dallas with a Tax ID and buying purses and jewelry to go along! Its really been something that has been on my mind and heart lately and I think I would absolutely love and adore owning a boutique store. I think its more practical for the area we live in then going into interior designing and decorating... which is some,thing else I know I would love to do. Of course, following my wonderful Jesus and the One who makes EVERYTHING possible in my life, things are always subject to I have learned that from experience! But it is nice to dream and plan and hope and pray for something that I know would be so awesome because I would truly enjoy it!

Well, next time, I will post about the usual.. My crafting and ( FUN ) school projects and of course..HUDSON WADE & CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thanks for listening!

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