Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hudson Wade's Happenings

Today I had a Hudson Wade check up. My doctor said that all of the measurements, my weight and blood pressure were perfect! However, she also said my blood count dropped four points and she prescribed me for iron. Thats not too big of a problem compared to what could go wrong in the third trimester of pregnancy.. She just made sure that I was aware that if we couldnt get my blood count up then that could result in a blood transfusion depending on how much blood I lose during labor and delivery.
In consideration to my first shower on Sunday at church, I have also been doing my best to perfect my baby registry at Target! I can access and edit it directly from my phone and I find myself doing it often each day! I have decided that the theme for the nursery will be safari animals! Specifically Twiddliwinks Madagascar collection! They are sooooo cute! The only problem is that most of the items are available only online so I may have to order some of them myself. It wont be a big deal as long as I get a couple of Target gift cards to pay for them with. I plan on painting three different canvases to match the set. Here is a sample of what our nursery will consist of:
School also started this week! The ONE class that I am taking will be a breeze! I am so happy to have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE that my professor is willing to work around my little bundle of joy throughout this semester! I would just like to ask for prayer for my sister! Her schedule is brutal! She said her Chem professor acted like she wasnt taking any other classes besides chem! Poor thing! I have trued to help her out as much as I can this week! She already had homework in the class I was in last semester! She also has to get a job so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!
I cant wait to post next week about how the first shower for Hudson Wade goes! I am looking so much forward to it!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its Been Forever

Wow! Its been a long time since I have blogged! Hopefully I can keep up with it like I would like to! With a baby on the way I am hoping I can keep this on my to do list each week! I know everyone would love to be able to know all the updates of having a new baby around the Herring household!

Right now I am 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant with 7 weeks and 2 days to go! We have slowly but surely been trying to get our house in order for our little Hudson Wade's arrival! Our nursery is nowhere near, barely even started, completed! We have the crib up and our dresser/armiore up but the changing table is still in the box and the room is still being used as storage until we move everything into the shed in the backyard. My first shower is next sunday at the church and so this week I will be busy trying to prepare the room for all of Hudson's new things! After months and months of indicisiveness, I finally picked out the bedding for the nursery and ordered it yesterday! I am sooooo excited for it come in next week! Here is a taste of the nursery decor. This is the bedding I ordered AND the crib we bought:

With basketball season underway, Matt doesnt have much free time to focus on the house. Thank goodness I have a team of family and friends who plan on helping us with cleaning and organizing!

Until my little man gets here I am doing my best to take it easy each day and take advantage of being able to nap whenever I choose! School begins next week and I am only in one class this semester on tuesdays and thursdays so it wont be so bad trying to juggle being a college student and a new mommy!

Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement I have recieved throughout the pregnancy!
Hopefully, I will be blogging more often!