Friday, November 19, 2010

2 Year Anniversary!

Monday is me and Matt's 2 year anniversary!!! I am so excited! We are going to celebrate tomorrow bc Matt has to work ALL day on!
I can't wait to see what he got me and I absolutely cant wait to give him his present! I had planned on giving him a riding lawn mower! It was my Pappaw's and now that he isn't with us anymore... ... my Mammaw has no need for it. She asked me if Matt would want it and said yes and decided to save it for him as an anniversary gift. However, i had no one to help me go pick it up and bring it to my house so I decided to save it for Christmas and come up with a back up plan.. And the back up plan was this:

Recently he has started to do more grilling and he really needed a better grill so I thought this would be a great plan B! I know it's not all decked out in stainless steel and doesn't weigh 900 lbs but for right now, it's exactly what he needs! He will love it! The best part is that I got it cheap by buying it out of season and when I got to the store it was even cheaper then it was online! It was $78 in store and after tax I paid $85!!! GREAT DEAL and decently stayed within our gift budget!

Okay, so here is the update on how fast my son is growing...mommy no like! I think these pictures say it all!

I hope you all.. All 2 of you! Ha! I hope you BOTH have a great thanksgiving break! Lol

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Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been pretty busy lately. I'm just going to go thru the pics in my photo album to explain.

I've been wanting to make these for a long time now. They are little goodie bags that contain 1 hot chocolate pckg, 1 small bag of mini marshmellows, and 1 candy cane. You call it 'Snowman Soup' and it comes with a short poem! Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you the poem!
I thought they were the cutest little things so I just HAD to make them for little Christmas presents!

I've been making these for Christmas gifts too! They are coasters made out of ceramic tile. I added the fleur de lis with acrylic paint and a stamp. I will monogram accordingly with the same tools. Add felt on back and spray with a protective coating and there ya go!

I cut out this 'B' with my cricut and then ironed it to the onsie! It's a gift so I'm looking for something to match like a bow or cute socks!

Ok! So here are my necklaces I made in craft class. We learned how to fuse glass and cut it and glue it and label and all that cool stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed it and my professors were impressed with my finished product!

That's it for now! But don't worry! I have many things coming to post on my blog for you to see! So keep checking back!
Btw! One Day Closer is tomorrow! Really looking forward to it!!!!!
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Monday, November 8, 2010

One Day Closer

I have recently been asked to do a painting for a charity event called 'One Day Closer'. It's for a couple adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. During the event there will be several items auctioned off to raise money for this family. This will all take place Saturday night. I am pretty excited to see the community come together for such a great and uncommon cause (around our town anyway)! So, here is my painting!

I wanted to incorporate the words 'faith,hope,love' into the painting because those are 3 things that you must have while going through situations like adopting a baby. I am sure it takes ALOT of faith and hope and in the end, when it's all said and done, I know that there must be soooo much love that is the result of such a long, scary process of adopting a child! The colors I used created an iridescent effect on the canvas. So, looking at it at one angle shows off features that you may not be able to see at another angle. But, overall I think it turned out nice.
Today, Hudson Wade has been running fever. I took him to the doctor and he was such a good little baby even though he doesn't feel good. He laid so still on the bed while Dr. Stanley examined him. I am so proud of how well behaved and cooperative he was. Here are some pictures of my sweet angel baby at the doctor!

This was BEFORE his shot! Poor baby cried a long time! But after we left, Nan took him to get some French fries to make him feel better while mommy dropped off his prescription for antibiotics. I sure hope he gets to feeling better. I'm anxious to see how our night goes!
Oh! And here is a pic of the hat he got on our date Friday night to leave you all with!
He is definitely mommy's little monkey!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Date

Tonight was date night for mommy and baby boy. Daddy had to be at the football game so me and Hudson Wade bundled up in our warm clothes and headed to the mall! Hudson enjoyed his waffle fries while we walked around and browsed. Each time we walked infront of a mirror we just had to stop so Hudson could 'visit' with that cute baby infront of him (he's soooooo very friendly and looooves other babies)! I also found one of those singing Santa Clauses and he liked watching him too! By the end of our date, Hudson ended up with a new hat for the cold weather that looks like a monkey, because he is our little monkey, and mommy has a new skirt. Nan sent her credit card with us to buy ourselves some yummy food and to make sure Hudson got a warm hat! Unfortunately, my phone died just as we got there and I have no pictures to show off! But, I do have a special memory with my sweet angel that I'll cherish forever.
He, of course, fell asleep as soon as I buckled him in the car! And when we for home daddy got to spend a little time rocking him back to sleep and mommy got to scrapbook using her new CRICUT EXPRESSION! I scrapped our Halloween weekend but only page one because I haven't gotten more pics made yet. So here is page 1 of 2.

Hudson was very busy today hanging out at home. He took a 2 hour nap!!! Here are some pics!

He was being silly drinking his bottle upside down!

One of his favorite things to do is play with and in his carseat!

I looked down for 5 seconds and when I looked back up this is what I saw! This is the 2nd time he has pulled up on the coffee table all by himself!

He loves to relax in daddy's Dodger beanbag. He stays so still while laying there!

Daddy likes to put his hat on Hudson Wade!!! He is our little Dodger fan!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am so excited to say that today I upgraded from a Cricut Create to a Cricut EXPRESSION!!!!! YIIIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!! I cannot wait to get started using all of the features it has to offer!!! I am so pumped!
Also, my sweet baby boy is EIGHT MONTHS OLD today! I seriously have tears in my eyes thinking about how fast he is growing! I HATE it! I know that hate is a strong word but I am serious when I say that him growing so fast is literally breaking my heart! I don't know what I will do when he turns one. I am gonna be a basketcase!
Here is what my little monkey has been up to today!!!
He loves his new mum mum rice cookies I bought him!!! They make him so happy!

He had a mum mum while i enjoyed this!!! The weather was so cold and wet outside I just couldn't resist!

He is starting to realize that he can go WHERE EVER he wants to go!!!

He also likes to play in the laundry basket! Thank goodness they were clean! Ha!

Oh! And he is finding new uses for his walker!

Wow! My baby has been busy today!!! Tomorrow he gets to play with his cousins Emma, Audra, and Anna Claire!!

Happy Blogging everyone!!!
Try to stay warm and dry!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

I made an apple pie with the leftover apples I had from making caramel apples Saturday night. It turned out pretty good. I think I could have cut the apples in smaller pieces. But for my first time to make a pie, I think I did a good job! My husband liked it... That's all that matters, right?

Met with my advisor today.. Next semester is gonna be tough! I think I can do it though! 2 art classes, math, chemistry, and my last psych! Woohoo!

Have a good week everyone!