Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Fall/Harvest/Halloween

Wow!!! I've been busy lately! I have some pictures to share that will explain!

This past week I made popcorn balls! They were so yummy! It was the 1st time I made them and all I can say is 1.) it's a 2 man job! And 2.) Worth the mess!

I also made a pizza pie! It is so easy! Brown hamburger meat, lay out one can of crescent rolls, cover in pizza sauce, add meat, add pepperoni, cover in cheese, then cover the whole thing with another can of crescent rolls, pinch edges, pop in oven! It's delish!

I also painted a canvas for Matt's cousins little girl, Aidyn. It's for her to display her artwork on. The clothespins were painted green and then hot glued on the canvas! I also have another person ask me to paint one for her little girls room and it will say 'Gracie's Gallery'. If you are interested in one for a Christmas present, just let me know!

Friday night we went shopping! This is a rare thing for us! We went to TJMaxx and met up with my sister in law and her kids. It was alot of fun! Got me in the mood to Christmas shop!! Here's a picture of my little shopping buddy!

Last night we went to the Fall Festival @CCWM! Meredith and the kids came with us. We enjoyed it. Afterwards, we came to the house, ordered a pizza and then made caramel apples! It was alot of fun! And my baby was soooooo cute in his monkey costume!

Leave a comment and let me know what you did for this holiday weekend!
Happy Blogging Bloggers!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Super Busy :(

Ive been so busy lately with the weekend and with school that I haven't had much time to blog. I am actually posting this blog from the school library, where I just finished doing homework and a test. It is almost 9 o'clock and I haven't even eaten dinner! But! I have made a resolution to keep my blog up and running so here we are!
I am currently working on a paper project for my 3d design class and it is very tedious work! It's basically just for learning process purposes. I am weaving fruit out of milk carton paper... and I'm ready to be finished with it! Will post finished project when done!
My next project for that class is to make something out of wood. It must be some sort of object. Not too big because of time restraints.. I cant seem to think of anything original or EASY! Other students are doing things like a shoe or a camera... Can you help me out here?? I need ideas!!!!!! Leave comments and let me know what you've got!
I will post something I have created... HOPEFULLY, tomorrow!
Until then, Happy Blogging everyone! Thanks for stopping by!
BTW! Took a nap with Hudson Wade today and it was absolutely, positively the most peaceful moment of my day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pie, anyone!?!

I was roaming around YouTube last night watching projects from Custom Crops and I stumbled upon the coolest thing ever!!! To some of you, I'm sure, this is probably old news but to me it is BRAND NEW and I am just so SUPER DUPER excited to try it.. Especially for Christmas gifts!!!!

Okay, are you ready?!?! It is called "Pie in a Jar"!!! And basically what you do is bake a pie, any kind of pie you want, in a jar in the oven. Then, you can give them as gifts for people to just open up, and eat it!!! How cool is that?!?!?!? You can also put all the ingredients in the jar, then freeze the jar, then.. whenever you want pie, just take the jar out of the freezer and pop it in the oven!!!!! I found this to be such a cute and inexpensive idea! Here is the link to learn the proper instructions for this recipe.
I'm sure there are plenty of different methods but this link will show you a step by step process and it even includes (EASY) pie crust recipes.

And here is a picture of just how cute these little gifts are, not to mention YUMMY!!!

By the way! This is also an AWESOME gift to send to someone thru the mail!! Or maybe even a soldier overseas!!! Also, there are so many cute ways to embellish a jar!! That will be half the fun!

OKAY! Last but not least, here is my submission for MPS Countdown to Karlee day 3: Make something that has to do with Fall/Halloween. This card is for my sister who lives in North Carolina whom I miss terribly! She just sent me a card she made in the mail that I received today! And wouldn't you know it, we pretty much said the same thing to one another! How much we are missing our SISTER!!!!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself but to change my blog layout to something that goes along with this beautiful season! How many of you just loooove watching the leaves change colors in the fall?? I know I do!

Anyway, Happy Harvest everyone! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week as the weekend is quickly approaching us..Thank Goodness, right?! HA!

Let me know what you think about Pie in a Jar and if you have any additional ideas/info to add in!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What day is it again??

With PILES of schoolwork to do and a few events for the weekend, I have my days all mixed up! Does this ever happen to any of you? Today I have been super swamped! Every minute of my day has been spent on busy work! However, I am blogging to post a card that I made for my mommy! :) Its a thank you card for making me this BEAUTIFUL harvest wreath to hang on my front door!! I made her a super cute halloween card and envelope. This will go perfectly with MPS Karlee Countdown Tuesday's Challenge which is to make something CUTE! Anything at all! (wouldnt it be funny if I entered a picture of Hudson Wade!! haha) Any-hoo, I desperately wish I could get the Wild Card Cartridge for my Cricut so I could make the CUTEST of the CUTEST cards and envelopes much easier. However, I do not own the Cricut Expression, just the Cricut Create.. therefore, I know there would be size limitations and I am not sure if it would be worht having. Does any of you know anything about this cartridge in relation to the Cricut Create.. which is the version that I own??

Anyway, here is my card! Give me some feedback and let me know what you think!
Have a great week everyone! Tomorrow is HUMP DAY... if only i could remember! HA!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hudson Wade

Today Hudson Wade fell asleep while I was feeding his high chair!! It was the SINGLE MOST cutest thing Ive EVER seen! HILARIOUS! I think I may even scrapbook was just too funny!

He didnt even wake up when I took off his bib and the high chair tray!

Moments like these just melt my heart!

Thank you, Jesus for that today... during the moment when I was tired, weary, anything but motivated. You have such a creative way of giving us joy!

To my followers: Sorry for not posting a craft today! I am going to try to post something that Ive created at least every other day. Its a challenge to myself! Creating things is one of my happy places and I want to make sure I keep doing it on a regular basis! Whether is be a card, scrapbook page, or even a cake!

Leave comments! I love them!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Pink Stamper Weekend Challenge

The MPS Weekend Challenge was to create something that has to do with winter. It could be anything from a card to a scrapbook page... as long as it has to do with winter! The winner will recieve the 'Winter Frolic" Cricut Cartridge and I reaaalllllyyyy hope I win. I JUST put this cartridge on my Christmas list the day before the challenge was posted over on!!!

So, here is my finished product for the MPS Weekend Challenge.
A few things I used to make this card: Elmer's two-way glue pen, glitter cardboard letters, white glitter paper and black shimmer paper. I also used a YouTube video tutorial from maxandshoji called 'How to Make an Envelope".. which I must say, I loooovvvvveeee that I know how to make envelopes now because I can coordinate them to match my cards! Yay! Hope you like! Wish me luck that I win the challenge!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I have finally made time to blog! And bonus: Edit my blog! Somehow I got motivated to catch up on school work AND blog. Wow. This almost NEVER happens!
Anyway, recently I have purchased a Cricut. For those of you who dont know what a Cricut is.. It's a die-cutting machine used primarily for scrapbooking. All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Cricut machine. While learning how to use my Cricut I stumbled upon My Pink Stamper from Head on over there to see how great she is!!! I have been soooooo inspired since I have been following Robyn from MPS that I just want to CREATE all the time with my cricut machine! I am hooked!
Well, I am super excited about the new Connect Groups that started last week at Christ Church West Monroe. Tomorrow will be Matt and I's first time to go and I am looking forward to God expanding our relationships with our church family, among other things! Especially for Matt's sake because he doesnt know as many poeple from CCWM as I do, being that Ive been a member FOOORREEEVVVEEERRR and he is fairly new. Say a special prayer for us that we will truly become more connected to our church family together, as well as individually.
SOOOOO, I am aware that I simply just CANNOT end my blog without an update on my sweet, sweet.. sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet angel baby boy, Hudson Wade.(this is for you melissa!..since youre probably the only one reading anyway! HA! Help me get followers so I am motivated to blog more!) He keeps me on my toes! I literally, LITTERALLY can't turn around 2 seconds without him getting himself into something he shouldnt be in. Whether it be in the electrical outlets or under the furniture, I cant keep up with him! He even crawls out of his room into the hallway to get to other rooms in the house! And when I say crawl, I mean on elbows and feet, not hands and knees... He army crawls! He is such a mess. But not only does he keep me on my feet all the time, he also keeps me laughing and full of joy. He keeps things interesting around here and I cant rememeber how boring our home life was without him!
Thank you, Jesus for such a precious bundle of joy that has turned our lives upside down..or should I say, right side up?! He is the highlight of everyday and constantly reminds me of just how much you love me for blessing me with such a heaven sent miracle!