Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Rose!

When I see a rose I think of my Nanny. She passed away of cancer on Valentine's Day 2009, two months after I got married. We didn't find out she had cancer until 2 weeks before the wedding. She loved roses. Roses and the beach... And most of all her grandchildren.
Spring was her favorite season. Everything that has anything to do with spring reminds me of her. She'd be SO proud of my rose bush. The blooms are BEAUTIFUL this year and if she were here she'd love them and I'd share them with her.
I may even take some to her grave sight. Man, I miss her. There are so many times as a mother/wife when I wish she were here to give me guidance. She was everything to me.
Before I start a ball fest I better wrap it up. I dedicate this post to my Nanny, who in herself was a rose! A beautiful rose just like the ones in my back yard! :)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cruisin' It

We are so excited about our cruise next weekend with my family! We are going to Cozumel and will be there for Matt's birthday! We've only been on one cruise and that was for our honeymoon! We had a blast! And now we are excited to experience it with my family! Our ship is called Carnival Elation. Here are some fun pics I found online!
(bare with me, I took these pics with my phone)

We can't wait!!! It's gonna be a BLAST!!!

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