Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Just flies right on by..."

Summer is ZOOMING by a lot quicker than usual. Unfortunately, I believe the saying is true that time flies when you're having fun. We've been BUSY this summer! Between camping, summer basketball, church, family time and keeping up with a one year old, it seems like yesterday I was taking spring finals! We are well into the center of our summer and still have much to look forward to..just praying it all slows down a bit! This weekend we are going to NOLA with my fam to audition for Family Feud! So excited! Next weekend we'll be going to Florida with Matt's fam for our annual vaca. Another youth trip at the end of July, my bf's baby shower and my birthday is in August! Not to mention all of the time I get to spend with my best friend who just moved back home! Anyhoo, I can't sleep so I thought I'd blog!
God has been doing some big things in my life/heart lately and I'd like to share a little. First, he healed my aching back last week during the first night of youth camp. The warmth of His healing power spread down my back as I sat in worship service and the speaker called it out, along with someone else's ankle who was healed as well. And I think more then anything God's reason for doing that for me wasn't to take my back pain away but to remind me that He is still just as close to me as He ever was or ever will be. That no distance has come between us despite my dry seasons and the changes that have taken place. His comfort was so evident in that moment and I could tangibly feel Him holding me. He's just so faithful. He also gave me more understanding and patience regarding things that I've felt so lost with. He never fails me. Ever. And I have encounters with Him like these and others to look back on in times I need Him most to remind me of His goodness and grace in my life. He's also healing other areas as well and restoring things that were damaged. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you!

I hope you are encouraged by my little testimonies today!
And I hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as we have been enjoying ours!

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