Saturday, October 9, 2010


I have finally made time to blog! And bonus: Edit my blog! Somehow I got motivated to catch up on school work AND blog. Wow. This almost NEVER happens!
Anyway, recently I have purchased a Cricut. For those of you who dont know what a Cricut is.. It's a die-cutting machine used primarily for scrapbooking. All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Cricut machine. While learning how to use my Cricut I stumbled upon My Pink Stamper from Head on over there to see how great she is!!! I have been soooooo inspired since I have been following Robyn from MPS that I just want to CREATE all the time with my cricut machine! I am hooked!
Well, I am super excited about the new Connect Groups that started last week at Christ Church West Monroe. Tomorrow will be Matt and I's first time to go and I am looking forward to God expanding our relationships with our church family, among other things! Especially for Matt's sake because he doesnt know as many poeple from CCWM as I do, being that Ive been a member FOOORREEEVVVEEERRR and he is fairly new. Say a special prayer for us that we will truly become more connected to our church family together, as well as individually.
SOOOOO, I am aware that I simply just CANNOT end my blog without an update on my sweet, sweet.. sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet angel baby boy, Hudson Wade.(this is for you melissa!..since youre probably the only one reading anyway! HA! Help me get followers so I am motivated to blog more!) He keeps me on my toes! I literally, LITTERALLY can't turn around 2 seconds without him getting himself into something he shouldnt be in. Whether it be in the electrical outlets or under the furniture, I cant keep up with him! He even crawls out of his room into the hallway to get to other rooms in the house! And when I say crawl, I mean on elbows and feet, not hands and knees... He army crawls! He is such a mess. But not only does he keep me on my feet all the time, he also keeps me laughing and full of joy. He keeps things interesting around here and I cant rememeber how boring our home life was without him!
Thank you, Jesus for such a precious bundle of joy that has turned our lives upside down..or should I say, right side up?! He is the highlight of everyday and constantly reminds me of just how much you love me for blessing me with such a heaven sent miracle!


Melissa said...

YAYYYYYY! so glad you updated and love the new look!
im glad to hear you and matt are getting involved at church. it seems like it should be easy to get plugged in, especially now that you have hudson. yall can hang out with all the other parents and get invited to birthday parties, etc! haha..

i really really REALLY need to see a video of mr. hudson wade army crawling. AND i need a pic or video of him sitting up!

i cannot wait to get back to wm so i can see it all in person and see your face. i miss you so much!

guess ill be updating my blog tonight at some point... just for you!

Melissa said...

ps: my pics be lookin' good on your page! ;)

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