Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm NOT Pregnant

Every now and then I'll move into a position or my stomach will do something funny that makes me feel like I'm pregnant again.. Like there's a baby rolling around in there! Now, our (me and my hubby) five year plan does NOT include baby #2 for ATLEAST another year and a half. And i have 100% assurance we wont have another uh-oh (even tho we know Hudson was for sure a part of Gods perfect plan and timing) thanks to my awesome bc, Mirena. But lately my low-temp baby fever has turned into a little more. First and foremost, I'm sure the reason has a little something to do with the fact that two of my very dear friends just announced their new pregnancy a couple weeks ago as well as another friend of mine who announced it this week, another friend had her baby last week and then another told me they were trying again! Whoa! Am I forgetting anybody?? I also took a short look at some newborn pics the other day and it about killed me! And I think another HUGE factor playing a role here is that Hudson Wade will be 1 year old in about 2 weeks.... And that's definitely killing me more then the newborn pics I saw. In fact, it's slowing breaking my heart as the day draws closer. Moms, how do I deal with this heartache?! I've tried focussing on the party.. Monkey themed party! And that's helped some. But it still is just breaking my heart AND causing big time baby fever that I definitely do not need for another couples years! Maybe when the party is over and these new pregnancies aren't so new anymore it will go away a little. I certainly don't want to forget to enjoy Hudson at this age while wishing he were younger or wishing for another baby!!! He's mommy's sweet boy! And no matter how old he gets, or how many younger brothers and sisters he ends up with, he will always be MINE! My sweet Hudson Wade... And that's what matters most!

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