Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Bash!

Tomorrow is Matthew's 29th birthday! We are going Oak Grove to spend time with his family. Grilled hamburgers and homemade icecream! Yum! Well, atleast the icecream part anyway! I haven't been able to eat a hamburger since the first trimester of my pregnancy! They still make me sick to my stomach! We will see if I can overcome that tomorrow!
Anyway, Hudson Wade is wearing his Dodger's t-shirt for his daddy's birthday. We got Matt a pair of boots for his present. He needed some for the winter around here and also for the snow! We are going snow skiing with my family this winter and he doesn't have any boots for the snow! So, that's what Hudson Wade and I got him for his birthday! They are called Bogs! Supposed to be a really good brand!

Tomorrow we will be in OG all day. And, optimistically I am only bringing two bottles! The rest of the time I plan to breastfeed! I hope it works out okay! Lol! I know others probably won't like it very much that they can't feed him but I am really trying my hardest to nurse and give him breastmilk as much as possible! I just know that it is the best thing for him and I want to try to keep I going as long as I can! He has been doing wonderfully nursing and I hope that he does tomorrow too! The only thing I have concerns about is producing enough milk for the whole day. Today I ran out and had to give him formula. That's why I am bringing two bottles tomorrow.. For a safety net!
We will see how it goes!
Btw! Happy Friday!
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