Monday, April 19, 2010


I've been trying to blog since Saturday! Between dirty dishes and laundry and two boys to take care of I am finally getting around to it! Matts birthday was alot of fun saturday! He was in heaven all day! It was exactly what he wanted!!
Today Hudson Wade and I ran some errands. Over the weekend I realized that he has grown into some more of his 0-3 month clothes. So today I put him in a new outfit that I have been dying to get him in! He looked so cute and it was perfect for our rainy, slightly cold weather!
I actually caught a smile on camera!!! Look out ladies! He's mine!

While we were out he had a very dirty diaper in which i had to BATH him as a result of!!! After his bath i took a picture because he was in such a good mood! He was playing on the couch and his head was moving so it's a tad bit blurry.

He is such a cutie! I have some friends who want to take some pictures of him to help build their photography portfolio. Im excited to see what they come up with!!
Next thing you know my little Hudson Wade will be on the cover of GQ! ha!
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Melissa said...

i dont know what friends you are talkin bout.. im guessing trey, but keep me in mind too! i want to take his pictures every time i come in. haha! he is just the perfect model!

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