Monday, April 26, 2010

Dirt Cheap and Faster then Weeds!

Last Thursday Dirt Cheap openned up in Monroe. I spent $123 on Thursday and then went back Friday with Matthew and spent another $180!!! My gracious! We did buy things we needed or have been wanting for a long time. We got a beach umbrella for $9, a 10x10 canopy tent for our backyard for $75, a blueray disc player for $70, 500 threadcount sheet set for $20, a
Jumbo box of pamper diapers for $12, a jumbo box of wipeys for $3.. I got Hudson Wade a 71 piece Lego block set for $7, some beach towels for $3 each. Those are some of the bigger things we found. I think I have a new addiction! I LOVE Dirt Cheap!!!
Hudson Wade has really begun to show his personality more! He is cooing and laughing more and more everyday! And he really is growing faster then weeds!! He is still just a tiny little angel but not as tiny as he was 8 weeks ago! His 2 month appointment is next week on May 4th and then the week after that he gets his 2 month set of shots! Ouch!!! Mommy hates it for him! I have a few tips from a good friend of mine to help make it a little less uncomfortable for him! Tylenol an hour before and have a bottle ready for immediately afterwards!
Here's a recent pic of him snoozing! He's dreaming of his mommy! ;)

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