Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Date

Tonight was date night for mommy and baby boy. Daddy had to be at the football game so me and Hudson Wade bundled up in our warm clothes and headed to the mall! Hudson enjoyed his waffle fries while we walked around and browsed. Each time we walked infront of a mirror we just had to stop so Hudson could 'visit' with that cute baby infront of him (he's soooooo very friendly and looooves other babies)! I also found one of those singing Santa Clauses and he liked watching him too! By the end of our date, Hudson ended up with a new hat for the cold weather that looks like a monkey, because he is our little monkey, and mommy has a new skirt. Nan sent her credit card with us to buy ourselves some yummy food and to make sure Hudson got a warm hat! Unfortunately, my phone died just as we got there and I have no pictures to show off! But, I do have a special memory with my sweet angel that I'll cherish forever.
He, of course, fell asleep as soon as I buckled him in the car! And when we for home daddy got to spend a little time rocking him back to sleep and mommy got to scrapbook using her new CRICUT EXPRESSION! I scrapped our Halloween weekend but only page one because I haven't gotten more pics made yet. So here is page 1 of 2.

Hudson was very busy today hanging out at home. He took a 2 hour nap!!! Here are some pics!

He was being silly drinking his bottle upside down!

One of his favorite things to do is play with and in his carseat!

I looked down for 5 seconds and when I looked back up this is what I saw! This is the 2nd time he has pulled up on the coffee table all by himself!

He loves to relax in daddy's Dodger beanbag. He stays so still while laying there!

Daddy likes to put his hat on Hudson Wade!!! He is our little Dodger fan!

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Melissa said...

i love your boy! cant wait to see yall. seems like i say that every day now. haha..

so what is better about your new cricut?? i dont know anything about scrapbooking!

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