Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Fall/Harvest/Halloween

Wow!!! I've been busy lately! I have some pictures to share that will explain!

This past week I made popcorn balls! They were so yummy! It was the 1st time I made them and all I can say is 1.) it's a 2 man job! And 2.) Worth the mess!

I also made a pizza pie! It is so easy! Brown hamburger meat, lay out one can of crescent rolls, cover in pizza sauce, add meat, add pepperoni, cover in cheese, then cover the whole thing with another can of crescent rolls, pinch edges, pop in oven! It's delish!

I also painted a canvas for Matt's cousins little girl, Aidyn. It's for her to display her artwork on. The clothespins were painted green and then hot glued on the canvas! I also have another person ask me to paint one for her little girls room and it will say 'Gracie's Gallery'. If you are interested in one for a Christmas present, just let me know!

Friday night we went shopping! This is a rare thing for us! We went to TJMaxx and met up with my sister in law and her kids. It was alot of fun! Got me in the mood to Christmas shop!! Here's a picture of my little shopping buddy!

Last night we went to the Fall Festival @CCWM! Meredith and the kids came with us. We enjoyed it. Afterwards, we came to the house, ordered a pizza and then made caramel apples! It was alot of fun! And my baby was soooooo cute in his monkey costume!

Leave a comment and let me know what you did for this holiday weekend!
Happy Blogging Bloggers!
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Melissa said...

love yalls costumes! you have the cutest little man :)
also.. wanting to try the pizza pie! that looks soooo yummy! what was hard about popcorn balls? ive never made those.

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